Johnson & Johnson-once one of America’s most trusted brands-wants Californians and all of America to pay MORE for its drugs.

In September, J&J contributed close to $6 million dollars to OPPOSE a California ballot measure that would lower drug prices for all California state programs.

The California Drug Price Relief Act will require the State of California to receive the same or better pricing as the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (V.A.) from drug manufacturers for medications it purchases for state programs. The V.A. generally pays 20% to 24% less for drugs than almost any other government program.

These drugs include Intelence, a lifesaving AIDS medication made by a J&J company that costs over $14,000 per patient per year.

But Johnson & Johnson, along with other greedy pharmaceutical companies, wants to kill voters’ voices and keep us all paying more for essential medications. 

V.A. Pricing: If it’s good enough for America’s veterans, it’s good enough for ALL Americans 

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